With extensive experience from both sides of the boardroom table, I provide Board advisory services that are tailored to your needs.

My specific areas of interest and expertise include:

  • purpose and culture
  • digital transformation
  • ethical leadership

I can also provide input that draws on my bank and financing experience and contacts.

I’m deeply interested in the relationship between CEO and Board, and can offer insight and assistance in building or repairing challenging relationships.


My key capabilities include:

Digital Capability: Transform business operations to capitalise on digital channels and technologies
Strategic Partners: Identify and secure local and global partnerships to manage potential disruption
Asset Divestment: Manage the sale of assets, from identifying buyers to completing due diligence

Purpose & Culture: Embed a purpose-driven culture to increase staff engagement and customer loyalty
Culture Engagement: Improve the culture score and leverage cultural diversity to improve outcomes
Stakeholder Management: Align shareholders, Board, management, staff and customers to a shared vision

Business performance
Profitability Focus: Increase profitability and shareholder returns and review operational efficiency
Market Analysis: Identify and assess market opportunities and review existing products and channels
Customer Centricity: Improve Net Promoter Score across all distribution channels and products


Personally, I’ve had great value throughout my career from coaching and mentoring, and I know there are huge benefits for leaders in getting advice from someone who has serious CEO experience.

We can tackle specific challenges you might be experiencing, or I can provide broad support when you’re looking for a sounding board.

It can be really useful when you’re about to embark on a big project, are stuck on something or want to create a new future vision.

I’ve had some wonderful feedback from my team members about my empathy and authenticity. Get in touch and let’s see if we’d like to work together.